• Report on ESA activities

  • Goals and objectives of this WG (see draft below)

  • Discuss cadence and format of WG meetings
  • Discuss the next tasks and develop work plan and timeline

Draft version of goals and objectives to be finalized at the meeting:

  • This working group is an open forum of the international scientific community to exchange ideas and information, and to work for the best possible implementation of GENESIS and exploitation of its opportunities.
  • There is close co-operation and exchange with the GENESIS Science Team of ESA including the GENESIS Science Management Board and the GENESIS Science Exploitation Team.
  • Identify possible scenarios for the utilization of GENESIS for the improvement of the terrestrial reference frame.
  • Set up and implement a work plan with timeline to make the most promising scenarios possible once data is available. A detailed plan supported by simulation results will be available after two years. Observation data from GENESIS will become available with the launched of the missions, which is planned for 2028.
  • Get an overview of possible contributions by the various groups to the analysis of GENESIS observations. Help to set up co-operation between the groups to facilitate the best realization of the reference frame with GENESIS.
  • Review and investigate existing co-locations in space between GNSS, DORIS, and SLR, as well as VLBI observations to satellites.
  • Formulate and raise questions to address open issues with the GENESIS mission, both on a technique-specific level and the combination level.
  • Develop strategies for combination of solutions including GENESIS
  • Identify and investigate new scientific opportunities, which will become possible with GENESIS.


The meeting will be held at TU Wien on April 17, 2024 from 8:30 until 10:00 and it is open for all members of the WG.   

Address: 1040 Vienna, Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10 (Freihaus), Seminar room DA green 03 A

Directions in the building: You enter the building in the red area. Then you walk through the yellow area to the green area. There you take the elevator to the third floor. The room is just opposite the elevator.

Participation via zoom:


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