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To Access Microsoft Teams you have to create a user. Since SSO is already implemented, the generic E-Mail-Address can be used to log in with the already established TU-password.
Teams is available for free for employees without the need for further approval by ordering it at the Campussoftware. Students can order it via the usual ordering process in the Studentsoftware while skipping the step "Payment".
Should the user be an employee as well as a student the resulting user (with the employee's email-address) will get several licenses.

You can use Teams via:

Coming changes

You can find a Roadmap for further development and upcoming changes via

Upcoming changes

  • The maximum amount of participants in a chat room will be increased from 100 to 250 - once more than 20 people have joined the room the typing indicator, audio and video call, sharing and read receipt-feature will be disabled.
  • Proper implementation for full Skype Customer integration during calls, chats and when using the search function
  • Multi-Window Meetings and Calling experiences - Users will have the ability to pop out meetings and calling into separate windows to help them optimize their workflow. These experiences can be turned on directly within Teams for PC and Mac clients.
  • Breakout rooms allow meeting organizers to split main meetings into smaller sessions for focused discussions. (Expected release by the end of November)

Since the last update, there's the option to try out most of the new features! Simply choose "Settings" → "General" → "Turn on new meeting experience". You can then try the following features:

  • Pop-Out Meetings & Videos
  • Meeting controls permanently available on top of the screen
  • See up to 49 video streams at once
  • Together-Mode to experience the meeting in a lecture hall setting
  • Meeting notes to jot down information during your meeting
  • Focus mode to pay close attention to shared material without seeing any other video streams

Further information is available via:

Important: If you do not see any changes this can be fixed by signing off and signing back into your Teams-Client. If you prefer to install the new client manually you can find the installer here::

Apps in Teams

Teams offers a broad range of Apps for furthering the number of features and functions you can access during your meetings. You can find a short introduction here:

Apart from the usual applications like Word, Excel, Forms & Powerpoint which you can add via the "+"-Symbol you can - for example - add features like:

  • Microsoft Whiteboard & Freehand - Create and share Whiteboards
  • Planner - Planning tasks and managing users
  • Microsoft Stream - Create and Share Videos together with other users
  • Microsoft Forms - Create polls and counts quick and easy
  • Wiki - Jot down notes and instructions with users that cannot access the general Wiki

You will find step-for-step instructions on how to use the Apps on their appropriate store pages.

Using the Lobby

It is now possible to use the Lobby-Feature in your Meetings. To change the Lobby-Settings you simply have to access your "Meeting options" (either via the "Calendar", during the meeting invitation or during a meeting in the "Show participants" screen), where you can enable different modes on how to enter or bypass the lobby. "Only me" will put all new users into the Lobby by default, enabling the host to select who can join the meeting and who will have to wait. Further information can be found via:

Integrating the O365-Calendar in Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail & Co.

You can use your Office 365 Calendar in your local E-Mail-Client. To do so you should:

  1. Start O365 and open Outlook
  2. Click on the cogwheel-symbol on the upper right
  3. Click on "Show all Outlook-Settings"
  4. Choose "Calendar", then "Shared Calendars"
  5. Choose which Calendar you want to share
  6. Choose "Show all Details"
  7. Click on "Publish"

You can now use the ICS-Link to subscribe to your calendar locally

Use OneDrive for Business and SharePoint or Stream for meeting recordings

Microsoft Team now supports storing your meetings in OneDrive (Business) and Sharepoint in addition to the option to storing it in the Stream. A detailed timetable for the implementation of all the features as well as a manual on how to use this feature is available on:


  • I can't find one of the Features mentioned in this FAQ, what can I do?
    → New or changed features are often hidden until after you log out and then log back in again, whereupon they should show up as described.

  • What should I do if I already connected my private Microsoft Account with my generic TU E-Mail-Address?
    → Log in by clicking on "Business Account"

  • Can I use a dial-in telephone number in MS Teams?
    → We received the wish to use regular phone numbers from within Teams to reach users without Teams capability. This will take an additional license from Microsoft, so we need to know how many people would be interested in that. A current polling can be found at:

    As a workaround you can use audio devices, for example the spiders from Jabra, to directly input a meeting into teams via laptop. It is also possible to have phone calls on Teams by using the Cisco Jabber App for single chats. A way to integrate the Cisco Jabber app to use in meetings is currently being investigated.

  • How can I raise my hand during a meeting?
    → The last update introduced the feature to raise your hand during a meeting - to do so simply press the 'hand icon' in the calling bar at the bottom of your screen.

  • How can I control my camera and turn it on or off?
    → A short introduction on how to use Videos in Microsoft Teams can be found at:

  • Are there keyboard shortcuts available in Teams?
    → A full overview of all the keyboard shortcuts can be found at:
    One of the most important shortcuts is STRG + SHIFT + X, which vastly increases the size of the input area.

  • How to switch from Skype for Business to Teams?

  • How can I turn on notifications for new messages in my Teams and Channels?
    → Notifications are disabled by default but can be turned on and configured by opening the Menu (Three Dots on the upper right) and clicking on "Channel notifications".

  • Is there a quick start Tutorial available?

  • I have several accounts in Teams since I am a guest somewhere else - how can I switch which one I am using right now?
    → It is not possible to do so in the web application, you have to sign out and sign in again to use a different account.
    Using the mobile application, you have to click on the three lines to the upper left and choose "Settings" → "Add Account".
    After you have done so you can access all the additional accounts by just pressing the three lines and choose your account under "Your orgs".
    The Teams-App will allow you to switch your account on the upper right (signified by a small dropdown arrow next to your user image), although it may be necessary to restart the application first.

  • How can I directly answer or forward a message in the Desktop-App or while using the browser interface?
    → Sadly this is not possible to do at the moment, Microsoft is still reviewing the implementation of this feature outside the Mobile Apps.
    A viable workaround for answering is by using the shortcut SHIFT + > which can be used to quote another message.

  • How can I change my Two-Letter-Token?
    → It's not possible to change it. The icon-image is automatically imported from tiss.

  • Which Browsers are supported?
    → Microsoft Edge
    → Chrome
    → Firefox
    → Safari

  • How to integrate Microsoft Teams in Outlook (Win/Mac/Mobile)?
    → Windows: The appropriate Add-In is automatically installed
    → Mac: Outlook Build 16.24.414.0 or higher (O365 recommended by Microsoft)
    → Mobile: Teams Meeting Button is usable in the latest build of the Outlook iOS/Android App
    The Teams-Plugin is known to be fickle, so Microsoft recommends to switch to using a regular O365-E-Mail-Account to avoid strange behavior. macOS only supports Outlook 365 in tandem with the Online Mailbox.

  • The application crashes when I log in, what can I do?
  • Where can I find further assistance?


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