🆕 LectureTube Innovations

LectureTube overview – new positioning

The LectureTube overview with the linked LectureTube series and all episodes are now available in your TUWEL courses in the upper course navigation under "More" | "LectureTube". LectureTube series as well as single videos can be integrated directly from the video overview into TUWEL courses using the icon as a "LectureTube Video" activity.

LectureTube activity – two becomes one

To include LectureTube videos in your TUWEL courses, the new "LectureTube Video" activity is available. This replaces the two former activities "LectureTube Series" and "LectureTube Episode" and allows a direct selection of the LectureTube series or episode linked to the course through the activity settings.

LectureTube – Videos from previous semesters

By activating the checkbox "Dirently enter the LectureTube ID of the series/episode" you can enable the manual entry of a LectureTube series number or episode ID in the field "LectureTube ID". This allows you to include series or episodes from previous TUWEL courses in which you have corresponding rights.