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  • If possible, make contents available for students in written form and via TUWEL courses
    • Here, you can use the whole range of activities, such as ...
      • "Page" ("Textseite" – instructions: as Cheat Sheet)
      • "Book" ("Buch" – instructions: as Cheat Sheet)
      • "Lesson" ("Lektion" – instructions: as Cheat Sheet)
      • "Lightbox Gallery“("Lightbox Galerie" – instructions: as Cheat Sheet)
      • "Wiki" (instructions: as Cheat Sheet)
      • "H5P" offers a great way to create interactive learning elements (instructions: as Video, as Cheat Sheet)
    • Use "URL" ("Link/URL") to draw attention to other great web resources
  • If it has to be video...
    • Produce your own video or dub "PowerPoint" slides
      • Our tool recommendations ...
        • Tool of your choice (there are many available online)
        • Camtasia (audio dubbing of slides – license available as campus software from, see Link)
        • Snagit (license as campus software available from, see Link)
        • Open Broadcaster Studio (open source – powerful, but somewhat complex, see Link)
      • Publish the videos via PeerTube (to be announced here shortly)
    • Recording with LectureTube (Please note, however, that - after registration/reservation - you have to go to the lecture room at TU Wien!)
      • Information about this service can be found here on this page
      • Note: You may report your request at any time. Please note, however, that we currently need a lead time of about 2 to 3 days to assign a slot for you and to do the programming for the LectureTube recording.
  • If it has to be a live video...
    • Use a web conferencing tool such as Zoom,  or GoToMeetingZoom. On this page, we collect the available tools and the corresponding instructions.
      • Tip: Web conferences (with Zoom) can be recorded as local files and then made available to students via TUpeerTube and TUWEL (instructions can be found here)
    • With Zoom you can create a meeting directly in TUWEL, and your students can join the meeting also via TUWEL — How to create a Zoom Meeting in TUWEL (Video)
    • Note: Please do NOT use LectureTube Live at the moment because there is not enough bandwidth available and there is a need to visit a specific room (see above: LectureTube)
  • When teachers have limited Internet bandwidth available ...
    • as mentioned above, in this case use the asynchronous TUWEL options

    • or create audio-only recordings (audio file with laptop or mobile devices, podcasts)

      • Upload these audio recordings to TUWEL as "File", TUWEL recognizes the audio file and displays it with an audio player (instructions similar to PDF files: as Video, as Cheat Sheet)