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Under the motto "Lecturers help lecturers" you will find examples from the practice of lecturers at the TU ViennaWien

Concepts of the Best Teaching Award finalists in the field of Distance Learning

Title of the courseType (VO, VU, SE,...)Tools used
101.679 Mathematik 1 für ETVOTUWEL, TISS, MÖBIUS, Adobe Connect, Zoom, Support-eMail-Adresse
101.682 Mathematik 2 für ETVOTUWEL, TISS, Zoom, Notability
103.058 Praktische Mathematik II für TPH VUTUWEL, TISS, Adobe Connect, Zoom, Twitch, One Note
104.300 Mathematik 2 für MB, WIMB und VTUETUWEL,, YouTube,,
136.015 Elektrodynamik IVUTUWEL, LectureTube, YouTube Live-Stream, Skype, Zoom, Jitsi, e-mail, external website for the lecture
186.866 Algorithmen und DatenstrukturenVUTUWEL, LectureTube (Live), TUchat, GoToMeeting, NextCloud, Zoom, Mattermost, SVN, GitLab
188.951 Web EngineeringVUTUWEL, TISS, GoToWebinar, YouTube, GitHub
192.097 Grundlagen der Programmierung und AlgorithmikVUTUWEL, Zoom, LectureTube
317.516 Numerische Methoden der IngenieurwissenschaftenUETUWEL, TISS, TUpeerTube, iMovie, filmora, Zoom 
325.041 Kontinuierliche SimulationUETUWEL, TISS, YouTube, Zoom, e-mail, Powerpoint, OneNote, Matlab, Simulink, Simscape
325.062 StochastikVUTUWEL, TISS, YouTube

384.156 SoC Architektur und Design


TUWEL, TISS,  Zoom, Mentimeter, AWW App, Typeform

384.996 Mikrocomputer LaborLUTUWEL, TISS, HOME-Station, Zoom, GoToMeeting

TUWEL, TISS, Screencast, TUpeerTube, TUownCloud, Matlab, TUchat

Further Good Practice examples

Title of the course

Type (VO, VU, SE,...)

Tools used

186.833 Visualization 2


TUWEL, TISS, Zoom, own website of the institute

104.392 Mathematical Methods of Visual ComputingVUTUWEL, Zoom, YouTube
253.D69 Großes Entwerfen Unbändige Architektur UETUWEL, TISS, Zoom, own website of the institute and server, e-mail, Facebook