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The Teaching Support Center and Information Technology Solutions work intensely to provide a broader choice of Online Meeting Tools to help handle teaching and internal collaboration in form of telework/home office. Due to the very little time we have to implement these tools we unfortunately cannot provide support services for these tools. Please resort to the comprehensive documentation of these tools.


At the moment we have temporary usage agreements with tool providers ZOOM and GoToMeeting.


Zoom in TUWEL gives instructors the following functionality:

  • Schedule and manage meetings
  • Start or join meetings
  • View upcoming meetings
  • View and manage previous meetings and recordings
  • Auto-provision a Zoom License for instructors

Zoom in TUWEL gives students the following functionality:

  • View upcoming meetings
  • Join meetings
  • View previous meetings and recordings

For further information please refer to Zoom


Is already available. Further information in ZOOM


Further information on GoToMeeting

Online trainings:

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To apply for an account please log onto TU coLAB (right corner above). The form is only available for TU Wien-staff.

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fill in the form of the GoToMeeting application if you need an account

follow the instructions at GoToMeeting Antrag.

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There are no accounts available for

For students and "further staff" there are no accounts available at the moment.


If you do not need video-/audio conferencing the TUchat service is a simple option for online collaboration via instant messaging for TU Wien staff AND students.

Further information can be found here:

Institutes, divisions, sections of TU Wien have the option to organize their own organisational units in a closed group via upTUdate groups (instruction).