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The Teaching Support Center offers LectureTube as a platform for recording and/or live-streaming of your lecture. Video on demand is also an option.

Videos can be made available individually or in a series, only within TU Wien or world wide.

The recording starts automatically at your pre-ordered time slots, after the programming is completed by the Teaching Support Center. No additional user interaction in the lecture hall is necessary.


We collect frequently asked question and answers here. Please check whether your issue is already on the list and a suitable answer is given. Thereby, you help to reduce the currently significantly increased workload for support by the Teaching Support Center.

titleI have already used LectureTube to support my lecture (LVA). Does anything change for me now?

Nothing changes for you. You continue to lecture in the usual (but empty) lecture hall at your usual time. Be aware that you have to use and turn on the microphone and beamer! Your videos will be provided within a short time span, as they were usually up to now as well. (The time span can be a bit longer than usual, due to increased workload.)

titleHow can I program my LectureTube recording in TISS?

You will find all necessary information at the website of the Teaching Support Center under "Lecture Tube". 

Instructions on "LectureTube Programmierung in TISS" can be found at the TUWEL Tutorial Course or in TU coLAB: 

titleCan I resuse my recordings form last year? If yes, how?

Certainly, that is a good solution in the current situation. In order to achieve that, you only have to freshly connect the series ID with the Player ID in your current TUWEL course (this works also for single videos of this series). There are 2 steps to follow:

Step 1: Open your last year's TUWEL course and go to the settings of the videos (external tool). Copy the IDs from the section "Allgemeines" / "Mehr anzeigen ..." / "Angepasste Parameter".

Step: 2: Now you have to re-connect your IDs within your current TUWEL course of this summer semester. On how to achieve this, please follow step 4 in this instruction.

You will find all important information about "Lecture Tube" on the website of the Teaching Support Center listed concisely in this PDF-document. Paragraph 3 – information you have to give us for the programming of your recording – and paragraph 4 – how to connect your recordings to TUWEL after programming by the Teaching Support Center – are especially relevant. Please that this information is available only in German at the moment. 
titleI lecture at a lecture hall equipped with LectureTube. How can I use LectureTube?
titleI hold my lecture (LVA) in a lecture room that is NOT equipped with LectureTube. What do I have to do to use LectureTube?

You need to have booked a lecture hall equipped with LectureTube via TISS. Please contact the "zentrales Lehr- und Lernressourcenmanagement". They will support you in any necessary re-scheduling and re-bookings due to streaming and are also there for your questions regarding lecture rooms. You can contact the colleagues via the Distance Learning - Request Form. As soon as you have a lecture hall equipped with LectureTube – booked either via TISS or by the "zentrales Lehr- und Lernressourcenmanagement" – you shall follow the further steps described at the question "I lecture at a lecture hall equipped with LectureTube. How can I use LectureTube?"

titleIs my lecture hall equipped with LectureTube?

In this PDF-document you will find a list of all lecture halls that are equipped with LectureTube.

titleCan I upload videos I have produced on my own on to TUWEL?

No. We kindly ask you to refrain from uploading videos you have produced on your own to TUWEL. Please resort to make recordings in the existing lecture halls with LectureTube equipment or use the new TU-internal video platform TUpeerTube to produce teaching videos. Further information and instructions can be found after registration in the section Distance Learning Good Practice.

Should you have institute servers at your disposal, you may upload your videos there and then link them to TUWEL. Please note, the accessing by students may possibly cause a slightly higher load on your servers. Make sure your videos have been reduced by means of a good video compression.

titleHow can I transmit my lecture (LVA) directly into TUWEL?

Due to the access restrictions to building and hightend server load, Live streaming with LectureTube from lectures halls is replaced by recordings with LectureTube. This measure improve the flexibility for students by letting them watch the recordings independent from the lecture period, and it reduces the load on servers.

My question is not answered here!

Your can direct you question via e-mail to the colleagues at the Teaching Support Center at Please describe your issue as comprehensive as possible, give the number of your lecture (LVA). This will help us to take care of your inquiry a lot faster

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