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Safety and Security Measures in Connection with the Opening of the TU Wien Buildings

In connection with the decisions of the Federal Government on the successive withdrawal of the COVID-19 restrictions, the central access regulations to the buildings of the TU Vienna will also be terminated by the Rectorate and access will be handed over to the personal responsibility of the managers of the TU Vienna.

From June 2, all employees will be able to return to their workplaces. However, in order to ensure the health of all persons working at the TU Vienna, the respective immediate superiors must continue to observe the known safety and protection requirements. Home office is still possible.

These regulations apply at all TU Vienna locations. Since the work situations at the institutes are very different, an all-encompassing directive is not possible. Therefore, everyone is requested and encouraged to act in accordance with these precautionary measures, even if this means a change from conventional habits.

You can find this information here:

Binding Specifications

Keep the Safety Distance

The most important protective measure against COVID-19 infections is a safety distance of at least 1 m. The minimum distance between workplaces is 1.5 m in offices and 2 m in laboratories and workshops.

This regulation applies to all general premises, such as entrance areas, staircases, lifts, corridors, social, sanitary and meeting rooms, as well as to all institute-specific work areas and rooms, such as offices, warehouses, laboratories and workshops and other workplaces.

An essential measure for maintaining a safe distance is the reduction of physical contact by

  • adjustment of the working time of employees (daily shift operation, staggered entry and exit, ...), and
  • the formation of groups (teams) – with alternating attendance – opens up possibilities for substitution in case of illness.

Protective Masks

The wearing of mouth and nose protection masks (MNP masks) is obligatory in all general premises – here contact with other persons is very likely and it cannot be ensured that the necessary safety distance is maintained.

The wearing of MNP masks is obligatory in the institute-specific work rooms if more than one person is present in the room and the distance of 1.5 m in offices and 2 m in laboratories and workshops cannot be maintained continuously.

In special working conditions, where the obligatory safety distance cannot be guaranteed and no other measures are possible, such as when laboratory experiments are carried out together, a workplace-specific evaluation by the employees of GUT’s occupational safety unit is necessary. If necessary, additional personal protective equipment such as protective visors or FFP2 masks will be provided.

All employees receive three MNP masks in an environmentally friendly textile design upon first-time access. These masks must be washed regularly at home after use!

Further information:

  • Info sheet MNP mask
  • Info sheet FFP2 mask
  • Info sheet FFP3 mask
  • Info sheet protective visor TU Vienna
  • Info sheet protective visor Zapfster_Economy

Prevention and Hygiene Measures

Regular, thorough washing of hands with soap is one of the basic hygiene measures.

The regular cleaning or disinfection of door handles, railings, lift buttons, intercom systems and surfaces is ensured by employees of the GUT cleaning service unit. For an individual need of disinfection measures at institutes or in service departments (door buckles, telephone receivers, keyboards, folders, displays or operating elements of devices, printers and copiers, ...) both surface and hand disinfectants are made available to the individual research unit or research groups and service units or groups.

Premises or areas with special cleaning requirements are evaluated for specific areas and included in the cleaning plan. These are continuously adjusted according to the current number of employees and the room utilisation for the respective operating phase.

If possible, always design your working environment in such a way that situations with an increased risk of infection are avoided right from the start. If you have any open questions, please contact your immediate supervisor and inform him/her immediately if there is a risk of infection.

Persons with acute symptoms of illness, such as fever, coughing, shortness of breath, etc., as well as persons with any suspicion of COVID-19, must never visit your workplace.

Further information:

  • Handwashing info sheet
  • Info sheet disinfectant dispenser

Concrete implementation of measures

Entrance Areas

Access to the objects is exclusively via the entrances to the security boxes. After the initial registration, where three MNP masks are handed out, in future – if the safety distance cannot be guaranteed – entry to all buildings will only be permitted with MNP masks.

The hands must be disinfected using the columns provided.

The TUcard or an official photo ID must be kept ready for checks.

Further information:

  • Information on the use of the initial protective equipment

Offices and Office-like Workplaces

Rooms with an area of up to 20 m2 can only be used by one person. Larger rooms can be used by several people, provided that the safety distance is maintained. The required safety distance must also be maintained in the case of circulation areas and jointly used facilities and equipment.

If the safety distance is given or if work is carried out alone, it is not necessary to wear an MNP mask. In special room or work situations, a protective visor or a Plexiglas partition between workstations can be an alternative to wearing an MNP mask. This requires an evaluation by GUT's occupational safety unit.

Regular ventilation is necessary wherever appropriate technical equipment does not provide for it.

Secretary's Offices

Until further notice, there will be no party transactions. In case of increased personal contact, the wearing of protective visors is recommended. Plexiglas visors can be made available after an evaluation by the GUT occupational safety unit.

Social Rooms 

A temporal staggering of the use is to be observed (no meetings) in order to keep the minimum distance of 1 m. Free meeting rooms can be used as additional social rooms. Regular cleaning is particularly important here. This is carried out daily by GUT's cleaning service unit. Furthermore, employees are asked to clean or disinfect the surfaces used when leaving the social rooms.

Laboratories, Workshops and Preparation Rooms

The central laboratory and workshop regulations of the TU Wien remain valid and the workplace-specific personal protective equipment (PPE) must be used. A safety distance of 2 m must be maintained. If this is not possible, MNP masks and/or protective visors must be worn. The individual procedures are to be re-evaluated and adapted by the person responsible for the laboratory.

Working situations in which the safety distance cannot be maintained require an evaluation by the GUT’s occupational safety unit.

Teaching Rooms

All premises where examinations or distance learning activities take place are thoroughly cleaned several times a day and frequent contact points are disinfected.

The examination process can be extended over several rooms and floors in order to keep personal encounters to a minimum. A seating plan must be defined in advance so that the required safety distance between candidates is available. Likewise, a concept for the entrance and exit as well as for the stay in the building has to be created according to the safety regulations.

After each examination the table surfaces are cleaned and disinfected by the GUT cleaning service unit. Hand disinfectants are provided in all examination rooms.

Sanitary Facilities

All sanitary facilities are regularly cleaned and disinfected by the GUT cleaning service unit.

General Rules of Conduct to Minimise Risk  

Presence meetings are permitted in appropriately large rooms, with a safety distance of at least 1 m.

Company employees and guests must ensure that they behave in accordance with these guidelines and wear an MNP mask if necessary.

Internally and externally, the handover of packages, objects and documents should be as contactless as possible. It is recommended to set up marked handover areas (tables). Handovers are only to be made with disposable gloves and in compliance with the safety distance.

Further information:

  • Info sheet Nitrile gloves

These guidelines are intended to help you successfully manage this extraordinary time. We would like to thank all of you for adhering to the described rules of conduct and are pleased to be able to make the operation of the TU Wien as safe as possible through your contribution.