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New information

New measures were announced in early April by the government:"...The government has recently tightened the measures to contain the spreading even further: The reduction of social contacts are still the pivot of all measures to slow the spreading of the virus at a slower pace and to contain its respectively.

This implies that research and teaching at universities and other institutions of higher education remain reduced to a minimum or have to be undertaken in a different manner until April 30: Teaching takes place by means of distance learning..."

The complete official statement can be found here (German only)

This semester will be rated as a "neutral semester". Details can be found here. (German only)

Distance Learning Tools

In order to make Distance Learning a success a wide variety of tools are being used. You can find an overview of these tools and how to use them on the CoLab site Tools.

Short videos about using zoom:

Short videos about using GoToMeeting:

Access to TU Wien

The facilities of TU Wien are currently closed (for research too)! Generally, only key persons appointed by the deans/members of the rectorate have access.

Other affiliates of TU are only allowed to enter the facilities in justified situations with a permission (f.e. recordings in lecture halls).

Offices are closed and all activities/inquiries which require presence are currently not possible. You will be informed here, when the situation changes.

The TU Wien Library is closed. Information about lending and returning books can be found here Corona Informations TU Library

TU Career Center: The office is not occupied and all personal & virtual consultations are discontinued until at least 16.04.

Barrier-free studying:
Although the office of TU barrierefrei is closed, the service of TU barrierefrei is also available in times of the Corona Virus:
You can reach us Monday to Thursday from 09:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m.
phone: 01/58801-42950, 01/58801-44050

University fees

It is possible to individually extend deadlines for financial aids, if it is proven that f.e. the cancellation of lectures or exams is due to measures taken against the corona virus.

Further information are on the website of the BMBWF:  Website des Bundesministeriums für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung

It is also possible to get study support from the federal ministry.

Organization of courses

Starting Monday March 16th, all attendance teaching is suspended at TU Wien. All courses should be carried out through distance learing. This can take different forms f.e. video conferences (Zoom, GoToMeeting), prerecorded lectures (LectureTube & TUWEL) or PowerPoint presentations with sound. There is no standard streaming service, but lecturers have a wide variety of tools they can use.

For exact information of a specific course, look at messages in TUWEL and/or TISS, or ask the responsible course organizer.

Exams and laboratory exercises

All exams (written and oral) as well as laboratory exercises that require attendace in person are cancelled for now.

Diploma or board examinations

Diploma or board examinations and viva voce can be held via the GoToMeeting video conferencing system. The prerequisites are: all members of the examination board and the student agree to this, appropriate technical precautions are taken and there is a stable connection. The entire examination must be documented precisely, especially  if there are problems with the connection. The break down of the system or the loss of connection can be a severe defect in conducting the examination and can lead to the invalidation of the exam.

Provided all members of the examination board and the student agree, the examination can be recorded (sound and video recording).(§ 6 Abs. 5 House rules TU Wien).

General information about Corona/help:

If you think that you are infected:

When you are showing symptoms, call 1450 first and don't go to your general practitioner. In case you are tested positively, pass this information to, since TU Wien is obligated to report cases to the ministry.

Preventive measures:

Stay at home! Even if you don't belong to the high-risk group, it can still affect you. You can become a part of an infection chain that may extend to someone from the high-risk group.

The only reasons to go out are:

  • Important errands (food)
  • Work
  • Helping others
  • Getting some air (with a safety distance of 2 m and only with people you live with)

Thorough, regular washing of your hands and avoiding to touch one's own face. 

Links to trustworthy information (but avoid reading there more than 2-3 times a day):

Tips for coping with the situation

  • Structure you day, eat healthy, sport and enough sleep
  • Do things you enjoy
  • Stay in contact with your family and friends - this improves the feeling of safety and stability
  • Crisis Hotline of the city of Vienna: Psychiatric Emergency Service +43-1-31330
  • PSB Wien - Offers for Students
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