Welcome at the webpage of Working Group 1.1.1 of IAG on the Genesis mission by ESA.  

Terms of Reference:

GENESIS is a mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) approved for launch in 2028. It realizes all major space ties on a satellite in a polar orbit at about 6000 km altitude, connecting GNSS receivers, an SLR retroreflector, a DORIS receiver and a dedicated VLBI transmitter. GENESIS holds the potential to significantly enhance the terrestrial reference frame with more accurate ties between the techniques, and it promises to enable scientific investigations with unprecedented levels of accuracy. The objective of this working group is to explore the array of scientific opportunities presented by GENESIS, to formulate optimal observing scenarios, and to develop the methodology for a consistent integration of GENESIS data into future ITRF realizations with simulations and considering already existing space ties. This working group aims to maximize the utilization of the mission's capabilities.

Chair of the Working Group: Johannes Böhm (contact: johannes.boehm@tuwien.ac.at)

Full Members (max. 20 according to IAG by-laws):

Claudio AbbondanzaNASA JPL
Mathis BloßfeldDGFI-TUM
Johannes BöhmTU Wien (chair)

Alexandre Couhert

Rolf DachAIUB
Urs HugentoblerTUM
Claudia FlohrerBKG
Susanne Glaser U-Bonn
Rüdiger HaasChalmers
Bruce HainesNASA JPL
Ozgur KaratekinROBE
Frank LemoineNASA GSFC
Benjamin MännelGFZ
Lucia McCallumUTAS
Oliver MontenbruckDLR
Arnaud PolletIGN France

Markus Rothacher


Krzysztof Sosnica






Correspondent Members:

Zuheir AltamimiIGN France
Yoaz Bar-SeverNASA JPL
Grzegorz BuryUWPR
Bingbing DuanTUM
Richard GrossNASA JPL
Adrian JäggiAIUB
Alexander KehmTUM
Tomasz KurUWPR
Jolanta NastulaCBK
Axel NothnagelTU Wien
Toshimichi OtsuboHIT-U
Felix PerosanzCNES
Manuela SeitzDGFI-TUM
Vishwa SinghGFZ 
Benedikt SojaETHZ
Peter SteigenbergerDLR
Helene WolfTU Wien

Ex-officio members of IERS:

Robert HeinkelmannGFZ
Daniela ThallerBKG

Ex-officio members of GGOS:

Detlef AngermannDGFI-TUM
Jose RodriguezIGN Spain

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