The interuniversity biomechanics laboratory of Prof. Dieter Pahr gives his two research groups at the Institute for Lightweight Design and Structural Biomechanics (TU-Wien) and at the Division Biomechanics (Karl-Landsteiner University of Health Sciencesappropriate visibility and provides a platform for collaboration. 

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The double professorship at TU Wien and KL Krems puts engineering at the service of human health. The research covers the areas of prevention, treatment and aftercare of musculoskeletal disorders. Our strength lies in the combination of simulation methods, medical imaging, mechanical testing, and 3D printing techniques. 

Biomechanics Lab

The biomechanics laboratory at KL Krems allows investigations of the mechanical-morphological properties of biological materials and enables supporting classical and additive manufacturing processes. The laboratory is equipped with a wide range of devices from the fields of sample preparation, mechanical testing, imaging, and 3D printing. Have also a look at our YouTube Channel!

Computational Lab 

The computational laboratory at TU Vienna is located in the field of computational biomechanics. This is where the medtool software was born. In addition to the very good hardware equipment such as the Vienna Scientific Cluster, we mainly use Python for programming, medtool + 3D Slicer for image based model creation, and Abaqus as well as ParOSol as simulation software.



Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dieter Pahr 

@TU-Wien \\ @KL-Krems

Co-Head KL Krems

Dr. Andreas Reisinger

Co-Head TU Wien

Dr. Alexander Synek

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