DescriptionLectureTube Live
Type of the tool

Live broadcast from the lecture hall


Brief description

Live broadcast from the lecture hall

Examples of use

LectureTube Live uses the technical infrastructure of LectureTube in the lecture halls to broadcast courses live to any other location (e.g. other lecture halls, public viewing, etc.). The live-stream includes the audio signal from the sound system in the lecture hall, as well as the screen from the presentation laptop (or, as with LectureTube, the recorded image from the document camera). The real-time transmission is called up via TUWEL and can be replayed at any other location using the devices available there (projector, sound system, etc.). It is also possible to record the live streams through the LectureTube Service.

Examples of use:

Instructions & How-To

Instructions on the topic "How to program LectureTube recordings and integrate them into your TUWEL course" can be found in the TUWEL Tutorials course and under the following links: