DescriptiononlineTED Pro,
Internet-Address resp.
Type of the toolClassroom Response System

onlineTED Pro: average very good

Brief description

OnlineTED Pro resp. are audience response systems, signifying an interactive voting and feedback system for lectures with a large audience. The web application was designed for mobile devices in order to make lectures more interactive.
(warning) Note:
The Service Unit of Digital Teaching and Learning recommends the use of onlineTED (for prepared questions to the audience) or (for managing questions from the audience).
If you are interested, please contact Dr. Gergely RAKOCZI (via the Distance Learning Office Hour or via email).

Examples of use

  • Questions from the audience
  • Interposed questions and feedback
  • Questions for evaluation
  • Polls
  • Open questions incl. Wordcloud representation

Further information

Alternative tools (warning)

Lecturers at the TU Wien have already gained good experience with the following alternative tools:

A Hint:

If you are using a Classroom Response System in conjunction with LectureTube Live, allow an extra time (at least 2 minutes) for completion. There is potentially less time to answer the live questions due to the transmission delay of LectureTube Live (approximately 6 seconds) for students who participate via the live stream.

If you have questions, please contact the Digital Teaching and Learning team, especially Dr. Gergely RAKOCZI (per Distance Learning Office Hour or via email).