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Research Unit Seminar Series - General information

The research unit regular meetings take place on Tuesdays, 11:00 - 12:15.

SS 2024 

DateTopic / PresenterRoomApproximate TopicSlides
5.3.2024Filip Kovacevic FAV 01 A

Scientific Knowledge Graph Enrichment with LLM and NLP techniques.

19.3.2024Markus ZlabingerFAV HS 3 (Zemanek)Imagetwin
9.4.2024Ilya LasyFAV HS 3 (Zemanek)Analysing Expert Specialization in Mixture Of Experts LLMs
23.4.2024Martin WeiseFAV HS 3 (Zemanek)tbd (diss-related)
7.5.2024Annisa Maulida NingtyasFAV HS 3 (Zemanek)Supporting Laypeople in Learning Medical Terminology
4.6.2024Varvara ArztFAV 01 Atbd
11.6.2024Ahmadou WagneFAV 01 Atbd

25.6.2024Moritz StaudingerFAV EG Ctbd



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