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Explanatory videos are short (6-10 minutes), simple videos (e.g. PPT with soundtrack), which refer to only one concept and a maximum of one learning outcome. They include an introduction to the relevance of the topic or learning outcome, quizzes for independent verification of the correct understanding of the content and context, and, if necessary, a final test with a threshold value that indicates whether it is already useful to enter the plenary consolidation phase with the current level of knowledge in order to clarify specific open questions in the discussion with the teaching staff and colleagues.

Explanatory videos do not have to be produced again for every new application. For many concepts or learning outcomes, a sufficient number of explanatory videos (as OER / Open Educational Resources) are already available in various repositories.

Lecture recordings do not meet these criteria and can therefore not be successfully used as explanatory videos. Lecture recordings can, however, form the basic material for explanatory videos, but they must be massively edited and supplemented (see above). The time required for this can be considerable, but may be less than for a completely new production.

Explanatory videos are usually dealt with in the context of ICM (Inverted Classroom) or Flipped Classroom, but can also be viewed independently.

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