DescriptionMicrosoft Teams
Type of the toolComprehensive cooperation tool incl. Audio/Video-Chat and office documents
Costsfrom free of charge (as a permanent offer)

Yes, details can be found at use with accessibility tools and WCAG test-results.

Short description

Microsoft Teams offers the possibility of chats, audio/video chats (up to 100 participants) around self-definable groups (so-called teams), co-operative editing of office documents (via desktop app or browser) and supports distant learning. Teams also offer the possibility to embed many other cloud services and thus serve as a basic platform. Audio/video chats can be recorded and the recordings can be made available on a streaming server. Large events (> 100 participants) can also be produced and streamed live (additional license needed). All you need to participate in large events is a browser and the event link.

Examples of Use

All TU members (employees and students) are (after an account has been requested) in one directory and can work together. There are four different types of teams:

  • Class: Teachers and students collaborating on group projects, assignments, and more.
  • Professional Learning Community: Educators collaborating within a professional learning community. Examples: academic department, grade band, or group working on a shared goal.
  • Staff: Staff leaders and staff members collaborating on school administration and development.
  • Other: Basic type for all other forms of cooperation, e.g. for research projects or internal teamwork

A Quick Start manual is available.


Microsoft provides teams with a variety of other free plugins that can be added to any team.

  • Microsoft Whiteboard & Freehand - Creation and sharing of spatially unlimited whiteboards in channels and meetings
  • Tasks & ToDo - Project management & task planning
  • Forms - Easily create surveys & polls
  • Wiki - Possibility to keep notes without a shared wiki
  • onedrive - 5TB online storage with the option to share and co-operative work on documents

3. Party Plugins

Almost all well-known cloud product providers offer a plugin for integrating their services into teams. Including Trello, Lucidchart, Miro, Wikipedia, Stack Overflow, Adobe Creative Cloud, Evernote, Jira, ...

Getting Started with FAQs

The getting started page (incl. FAQ) can be found in the Home-Office-Tips Area.


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    1. That's the classic error one gets when the SSO is working (so any employee or student), but the person did not apply for a Microsoft Online account first. Please read the description in the home office tips section.