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DesignationMicrosoft Teams
Internet address
Direct entry
Type of the toolOnline-Meeting-Tool
Account-ApplicationMicrosoft-Konto: Campussoftware-Produkt, Studentensoftware-Produkt
Costsfree for TU employees and students

Übersicht über Barrierefreiheit

How to use Teams with accessibility tools

Skype for Business was replaced by Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams can be used as browser version or as desktop application (also for Linux). In addition, apps for mobile devices are available. Teams is integrated in the Microsoft 365 environment. Thus co-operative work like working together on documents at the same time can be done with integrated tools.

The co-opearation of students and teachers is addressed by the available education version. More information can be found in the following quick-start guide: 


Major events and offline information

Teams can also deal with large events >100 participants. This functionality is called live-event and requires an additional license.

Furthermore, there is the possibility to record events (also smaller meetings) and to make them available to the not present participants later. This is a standard feature. Please note the maximum available storage space for videos.

Applying for a Microsoft account

To receive a Microsoft account please order it (for free) as an employee at and as a student at


If there are problems updating existing installations, the latest versions can be obtained from software support.


Authentification is effected via Single Sign On (TU-Account). Log in with your generic e-mail address ( or and TU password. 


Skype for Business is already canceled by Microsoft. The desktop client may not be used at this time as it does not support SSO. Microsoft recommends using Teams instead. Teams can interact with Skype for Business.

User groups

Using Teams, all participants with an e-mail address ending on, and must apply for/have their own account. External persons can be added (with limited rights) by yourself.


  1. Wird MS Teams auch nach dem Sonderbetrieb wegen der Corona-Pandemie weiterhin für TU-Mitarbeiter zur Verfügung stehen, oder ist das nur eine vorübergehende Lösung für Homeoffice?

  2. MS Teams ist Teil des Microsoft Campusvertrages der TU Wien und als solches unabhängig vom Sonderbetrieb und steht zur Verfügung, solange Microsoft dieses Produkt im Campusvertrag inkludiert.

  3. Ich habe MS Teams in der Liste der Campussoftware nicht gefunden. Ist geplant dann dann zukünftig Gebühren einzuheben, wenn ja in welcher Höhe?

  4. MS Teams war bis vor 5 Minuten in der Campusliste, ist aber nun aufgrund der Änderung des Bestellprozesses kurz nicht sichtbar. Ms Online Konto (enthält Teams) ist als dauerhaftes free Produkt geplant.