The DL&DataLAB meeting series

This platform aims to foster the exchange between users of the DL&DataLAB cluster which has been designed for machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL) and BigData applications. The DL&DataLAB meeting series is a place to present current investigations, research projects, and advances in the digitisation of education where researchers, lecturers, and sysadmins in this community can profit from synergies.

Feedback about your requirements helps us to adjust our DL cluster according to your needs. We are interested in the frameworks you are using (e.g. tensorflow, keras, pytorch, cntk, caffe, caffe2, mxnet) and the hardware you are already using or what you require.

In order to find out about the agenda of the past and upcoming meetings, please click on the headline of the respective meeting.

Our next community meeting will take place on 17th March 2020, for the Agenda see Meeting 3.

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