Especially at times like this, it is important to track the mood and study progress of your students.

It is possible to get an understanding of this using the activity "Feedback". This can be anonymous.

Step-by-Step manual

  1. Log into TUWEL and open your course
  2. Start the editing mode (top right corner)
  3. Set up an activity 'Feedback' according to these instructions (Video, Cheat Sheet).
  4. Add questions to your questionnaire. Do you want to use different question types, but don't know how? Watch this demonstration at the "TUWEL Einsatzszenarien" course. (It is necessary to sign up for the course once)
  5. Promote the feedback questionnaire with your students by means of using the news forum (instructions: Video, Cheat Sheet). Set up a channel for students in case they should have any questions. For that, use a forum (instruction: Video, Cheat Sheet )
  6. Done!

Feedback Fragetypen in TUWEL

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  1. Die Stimmungslage kann ja bei Distance Learning nicht an den Gesichtern der Studierenden abgelesen werden, daher sollten solche Umfragen von Lehrenden aktiv eingeplant werden.