OpenConnect für Linux

OpenConnect is an open source client replacement for Cisco AnyConnect which uses the same method (HTTPS/DTLS tunnel). provides instructions, but does not provide support or a permanent functional guarantee.
Go to VPN with OpenConnect

Linux users with Open Connect have the same selectable profiles available as under AnyConnect; the corresponding routing configuration is obtained from the VPN server.

L2TP over IPSec

This allows VPN for Windows and macOS without installing a client. (A one-click tool for the setup under Windows is available: Android and iOS also support this method.

Compared with AnyConnect or OpenConnect, the security of L2TP over IPsec is limited and the method is also less stable in case of issues with the Internet connection. provides neither support nor a permanent functional guarantee and recommends the AnyConnect software!

Information about L2TP/IPsec credentials

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  1. Hello, the link is not available anymore, where would I find the openconnect instructions nowadays? kind regards, Martin

    1. Hello, please try this address: TUvpn with OpenConnect