101.680 Mathematics 1 for Electrical Engineering (UE), approx. 170 Participants

Contact: Andreas Körner andreas.koerner@tuwien.ac.at


In an exam-immanent lecture (Mathematics 1 for ET, GG, TPH) Zoom is used as a platform for the meeting of the exercise group and for the exercises. Comparable to the presence exercises, the students are asked to present their solutions, that they previously uploaded in TUWEL, to the group and to the exercise leader.

The Students are provided with arithmetical and theoretical tasks via Möbius (Online Assessment Tool) and can work on the tasks for one week. After submission, the solutions to the arithmetical problems are evaluated in advance by the Online Assessment Tool. In order to be able to take the solutions into account, they are uploaded to TUWEL as PDF files. Students use an app on their smartphone (e.g. Android, iOS: CamScanner) to produce the scans.

This allows the instructor to review Möbius' assessments and solutions in advance and thus select students, who have received full marks and have submitted a correct solution. During the Zoom meeting, students present the solution and answer questions from the teacher.

At the end of the online meeting, a short test is shared on the screen. Students have 15 minutes to solve it and to upload a photo of the solution in the TUWEL submission. This short test is then corrected and the students receive their feedback via TUWEL.

To support the exercises, a question and answer session is offered once a week, which is held alternately by tutors and lecture leaders. Here, the students have the possibility to ask open questions, and supporting or similar examples are presented. Since the tutors often do not have tablets or similar, the camera of the smartphone can be integrated as a webcam via TUWEL (e.g. Android: DroidCam, iOS: EpocCam). This allows the tutors to present as if they were using a document camera. However, the attachment of the camera requires a great deal of creativity from the tutors.