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Dear colleagues,

At the moment, students are only allowed to enter the buildings of the TU Wien, if they have an explicit permission. This permission is given in form of an entry permit, which must be presented upon entering the building.

In case of a participation in a laboratory exercise, this entry permit is issued automatically via TISS and sent by email. A prerequisite for this is that the students are registered for a laboratory exercise and that the corresponding room reservation has been released. Please note that room reservations can only be released if the rooms concerned have been assessed by the Occupational Safety Department and their use has been approved.

It is therefore absolutely essential that for all laboratory exercises

  1. The required rooms are reserved in TISS
  2. Group appointments are created for the lecture
  3. Students register for the appointments
  4. The room clearance is granted

Only then, the entry permits for students can be issued via TISS. They are delivered up to 24 hours before the exercise date. In addition, they can also be accessed directly in TISS.

Thank you very much for your support in coping with the situation!

Best regards,
Kurt Matyas and the Distance Learning Team

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