DescriptionTechSmith Camtasia
Type of the toolScreen capturing

Quarter: EUR 15.00


Brief description

Camtasia Studio is a commercial software for recording screen casts as videos. The program offers four basic functionalities optionally at every start.

  • It is possible to record a video of the screen with the first function.
  • The second option can record an audio track of the microphone.
  • The third option allows for the recording of a PowerPoint presentation.
  • The fourth function offers the possibility to import already existing media. The program supports the in-house CAMREC format, the video formats AVI, MPEG and WMV and the audio formats WAV, MP3 and WMA.

One essential function is the picture-in-picture function. With this function it is possible to integrate a second video in a reduced form into the main video.

Examples of use

  • Recording of lectures (such as presentations, exercises)
  • Loading of PowerPoint slides and add audio recording
  • Recording content of screen and add audio track
  • Creating software tutorials


You can upload finished exported video files on TUpeerTube and directly link to the upload from your TUWEL course!


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  1. zu den Kosten ab Juli: € 15,- / Quartal und was?

    Vermutlich pro Quarzal und User?