How can I create a forum in TUWEL in which students can contribute to?


In every TUWEL course an announcement forum ("Announcements"/"Nachrichtenforum") is set up by default, which can be used as a bulletin board. Only LVA leaders or tutors can make contributions to this forum. To also allow students to write and comment on posts themselves, a new forum must be created.

The following steps are necessary for this:

1. On the start page of the TUWEL course, click the button on the top right with the designation "Turn editing on"/"Bearbeiten einschalten".

2. Click on "Add an activity or resource"/"Material oder Aktivität anlegen", choose the activity named "Forum", and click "Add"/"Hinzufügen".

3. Enter a name of your choice in the field "Forum name"/"Forumsname" and optionally enter a "Description" in the field below. All other settings can be left without further changes (or changed upon need). By default, the "Standard Forum" is selected as the forum type.
This allows everyone involved to open topics and to reply to existing posts.

Detailed instructions for the topic "Forum" can be found in the TUWEL Tutorials course:

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