I like to use short quizzes for quick knowledge assessments in my lectures.

Reflection of the course material is essential, in attendance teaching as well as in distance teaching.

It is quite easy to create small knowledge checks with quizzes and offer them to students at the end of a lecture/chapter for self reflection.

Step-by-Step manual

  1. Log into TUWEL and open your course.
  2. Start editing (on the top-right).
  3. Set up an activity "Test" according to (Video, Cheat Sheet ).
  4. Add questions to your test
    1. Do you want to work with different types of questions, but you don't know them? Watch this demonstration at the 'TUWEL Einsatzzenarien' course. There you will find an example for all 16 types of questions.
    2. It is necessary to register for the course once.
  5. Promote the knowledge check through the news forum (instructions: Video, Cheat Sheet) and set up a channel for students, in case they have questions. Use a forum for it (instruction: Video, Cheat Sheet )
  6. Done!

You can also use graphic spaces to offer associated information, tips or hints for users.

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  1. Aktives, zeitnahes Überprüfen, ob die Studierenden etwas verstanden haben, ist bei Distance Learning noch wichtiger als in der Präsenzlehre, in der man eine Chance hat, an den Gesichtern der Studierenden abzulesen, ob etwas verstanden wurde oder zu schwierig war ;-)