How can I display repetitive Zoom meetings with different time intervals in TUWEL? A meeting takes place e.g. from 10:00-13:00, but a repetition of it is from 14:00-16:00.


To do this, mark the checkbox "Recurring meeting" in your meeting settings and select one of the options "Daily", "Weekly", or "Monthly" under "Recurrence". First enter the time and the duration of any appointment.

To adjust the time and duration of individual appointments or to add individual repeat appointments, you must log in to The times cannot be adjusted directly via TUWEL.
After logging in, click on the topic of your meeting to manage it. Then click on the option "Show all occurrences" in the section "Time" to display all recurrence dates.

Next to each appointment you have the options "Edit" and "Delete". With a click on "Edit" you can change the time and duration of any repeat appointment. You can also use the "Delete" button to remove individual appointments.

With "Add another session" you can add additional repeat appointments with any time and duration.

You will also see these changes in your TUWEL-course. If you have the appointment overview open in your Zoom-activity in TUWEL, you have to reload it with the "F5" button to see the changes in the overview.

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