How can interactivity be promoted in seminars via Zoom meetings?


It is recommended to shorten the presentation time of lectures in Distance Learning and for example to reduce it to its half. If a lecture lasts 20 minutes in classroom teaching, it should be shortened to 10 minutes in distance learning. Furthermore, breaks should be scheduled during the seminar to maintain attention.

Interactivity can be promoted, for example, as follows:

  • Surveys can be incorporated into Zoom or discussions can be held via chat.
  • An interactive whiteboard in Zoom can be used to collect comments and feedback on lectures together.
  • Asynchronous work can be built in to save time and bandwidth. For example, anonymous feedback can be submitted via TUWEL or a poll in TUWEL can be used for individual questions.
  • For longer discussions on a topic, discussion entries can be created via a TUWEL discussion forum.

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