Is it possible to prevent private chats between students in Zoom?


Yes. You can restrict the chat online in the settings ( These restrictions apply to this host for all future meetings.

If you turn off the chat here, it is disabled for everyone (host, co-host and participants) and it cannot be activated during a meeting.

You can also just switch off the private chat, then 1:1 messages between participants are no longer possible. However, all participants can still write in the general chat of the meeting, and private messages between participants and hosts/co-hosts are still possible.

If the chat has not been disabled in the settings, you can also adjust its settings in the chat window during a meeting. To do that, open the chat window and use the button with the three dots to open the chat menu. Then, adjust the settings as desired. The settings made here are only valid for participants. Host and co-host can still send chat messages to all or to selected participants, even if the option "No one"/"Keiner" is selected.

The following options are available:

  • "No one"/"Keiner": Participants cannot send chat messages to anyone.
  • "Host only"/"Nur Host": Participants can only send private chat messages to hosts or co-hosts.
  • "Everyone publicly"/"Jeder öffentlich": Participants can write in the general chat of the meeting, and private chat messages to hosts and co-hosts are still possible.
  • "Everyone publicly and privately"/"Jeder öffentlich und privat": Participants can send public and private chat messages to all participants and to hosts/co-hosts.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Show/Hide Chat Panel

  • Windows: Alt+H
  • MacOS X: Command(⌘)+Shift+H
  • iOS: Command + Shift + H

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