How can I create Zoom meetings via TUWEL and announce the dates of the meetings to my students?


You can create Zoom meetings directly via TUWEL using the "Zoom" activity. Video instructions for creating Zoom meetings are available on TUpeerTube.

Please note that you have to communicate the dates of the meetings created, to your students as they will NOT be informed automatically about them.

For this you can e.g. send a message via TISS or via the TUWEL announcements-forum (Nachrichtenforum), in which you refer to the Zoom meeting-appointments.

(info) Attention: After creating Zoom meetings via TUWEL, a calendar entry is created in the corresponding TUWEL course with the meeting date. All students in the course can join your meeting via this entry. This is also the case if you create the Zoom activity hidden or if you define requirements for it. In case that you want to test the activity before the first meeting, remember to delete the calendar entry again, or do not set a specific date for internal test meetings by ticking the "Recurring meeting" checkbox and selecting the option "No Fixed Time" under "Recurrence". For subsequent appointments of your lecture, it is advisable to state the exact meeting-dates so that they appear in your TUWEL course and in the TUWEL calendar.

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